Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Coronation Day 1911

These are the scenes in Ellon Square on Coronation Day 1911. This was the coronation of George V. The previous coronation in August 1902 was of Edward VII who succeeded his mother, Queen Victoria. George V was the second son of Edward VII and reigned from 1910 until his death in 1936. He was succeeded by his oldest son who became Edward VIII but who abdicated to marry his American divorcee bride Wallis Simpson. After the abdication, he was succeeded by his younger brother Albert who became George VI and was the father of our present queen.

Saturday, 2 December 2017


This is the town crier, Francis Allan about 1910. As the town crier, it was his duty to keep the inhabitants of Ellon informed of the local, national and international news. He was in fact a talking newspaper. As well as being the town crier, he was also a tailor, beadle, bell-ringer, barber and gravedigger.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Grandchildren of Sir James Reid

The picture is of the grandchildren of Sir James Reid. James Reid was the son of the Ellon doctor in the mid-19th century. He studied medicine at Aberdeen University where he was the top student, graduating in 1871 and then studied obstetrics in Vienna. After qualification, he returned to Ellon and joined his father's practice. 

Quenn Victoria was looking for a new personal Physician. Because of her love of Deeside she was particularly keen to appoint a Scotsman and James who was fluent in German was the ideal candidate to converse with her German relations and appointed him in 1881. He was subsequently physician to Edward VII and George V. 

He was knighted by Queen Victoria and married one  of her Maids of Honour - The Honourable Susan Baring - daughter of 1st Baron Ravelstoke and the founder of Barings Bank. They had four children - Edward, later Sir Edward Reid, John, (later Vice-Admiral John Peter Lorne Reid) Margaret and Victoria (later Victoria Ingram).The boy second from the left is Sandy (now Sir Alexander Reid) and the girl 4th from the left is his sister Susan Reid (both children of Sir Edward). The boy on the extreme right is Peter and to his left is Richard - both sons of Victoria and Leonard Ingrams. Richard is perhaps best known as the founder of the "Oldie" magazine.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Here is another puzzle. Where is this building? Unlike the previous one, it still exists though it has been greatly upgraded since this picture was taken. Have a look at the large building behind the house in the foreground. This is Ellon Parish Church or St Mary's as it was previously called. At the time that the picture was taken, the buildings in the foreground were used by tradesmen such as tailors and at least one was a tavern. As you can see the road is not of tarmacadam and the dresses the children are wearing probably date to the 19th century.

You may recognise this house which is unfortunately no longer. It was on Bridge Street next to Red House and belonged to the McRae family who were builders and slaters in Ellon. One of the features of the house was the slated roof which had a design incorporating different coloured slates. Another feature was the ornamental lions at the door which caused some disquiet to the younger pupils going to the school across the road. The house and the ground behind which was crofting ground and had a collection of sheds and workshops was all knocked down to build Banavie Court.